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Newjac is proud of the reputation we have acquired as being the primary option to provide our Food & Beverage Process partners with the uncompromised service and highest quality workmanship they require to be leaders in their industry. 

Newjac employs, on a full time basis, only the most experienced and highest quality individuals on its total turnkey management and implementation teams. These teams routinely take projects from the CAD/design phase, on through the final install, start-up, and product commissioning. 

We pride ourselves in managing and self-performing large and small projects, for a select group of quality oriented and value minded repeat partners, and we fully understand the meaning of demanding schedules.  We also pride ourselves in maintaining the highest degree of the required confidentiality for these clients, as we assume anyone familiar with this industry readily appreciates.


"Newjac employs only the most experienced and highest quality individuals on its total turnkey management and implementation teams."

Highest Quality




Newjac has over a 30-year history in the food process and snack food contracting industry. We look forward to speaking with you about how Newjac can help you meet and exceed your Food & Beverage Processing requirements.

General Capabilities

While we offer customized and confidential solutions, we can however, generalize the following list of capabilities and successful past accomplishments:

  • Value added upgrades to existing processes and process operations

  • New turnkey process line installs, from design to product commission

  • Relocations, from specialized equipment to whole processing plants

  • High tech, High speed packaging systems installs and upgrades

  • Specialized safety, process, production, storage, and access Platforms

  • Custom product transfer chute design, fabrication, and installation

  • Custom process stack design, fabrication, and installation

  • Process piping skids and line design, fabrication, and installation

  • Process and packaging exhaust, dehumidification, and HVAC

  • Raw product receiving and handling

  • Whole plant heat and resource recovery of all systems

  • Your turnkey food safety specialists


          Due to these confidential         

         requirements, we are not able

        to fully explain the wide array of

       successful accomplishments we

      have had and continue to provide

     to our loyal partners, and possible

    future partnership opportunities.



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